Stickers | Labels Printing

Stickers | Labels Printing

TD images offer stickers label printing on paper and on outdoor vinyl materials. We print round sticker, square or rectangular stickers. Contour cut to shape is also available.

Our stickers come in many varieties of forms and contour cut into any shapes if required.

We print:

  • Sheet stickers (this is individual stikers on a sheet: comes in rectangle or circle)
  • Individual cut stickers (crack and peel: comes as individual stickers in square or rectangle)
  • Roll stickers (These are stickers that comes in a roll and can be in any sizes or shape)
  • Outdoor vinyl stickers and decals (Designed for indoor or outdoor use and can be in any sizes or shape)

We also print return address sticker and personalize stickers.

Full colour Stickers
Crack & peel stickers | Sheet stickers | Roll stickers 

Call us at 905 265 9743 | 416 840 7687 | 1-877-669-0665

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PRICES: 4 - 6 DAYS turn around | Ask for 2 - 3 DAYS | Ask for SAMEDAY

Crack And Peel Stickers

Quantity 1.25"x2" 1.5"x3" 2"x2" 2"x3.5"
100 $85 $90 $87 $90
250 $90 $96 $95 $96
500 $105 $110 $108 $110
1000 $125 $130 $129 $135
2500 $190 $205 $200 $210
5000 $300 $320 $315 $335
10000 $570 $625 $610 $665
Circle Stickers
Quantity 1.5" X 1.5" 1.9" X 1.9" 3.5"x3.5"
100 $80 $85 $85
250 $85 $90 $90
500 $90 $95 $95
1000 $100 $105 $110
2500 $125 $135 $155
5000 $170 $190 $230
10000 $260 $300 $380


Artwork Specifications:

1.     File formats we accept: *.tiff*.eps*.ai*.psd*.pdf*.jpg*.pngCorel DrawMicrosoft WordPower PointMicrosoft publisher.
     Adobe Illustrator - Save file as *.pdf using press setting or an *.eps format. Images should be embedded;all fonts must be converted to outlines.
     Adobe Photoshop - Layers flattened and save as *.tif documents.
     CorelDraw - Save as high resolution *.pdf or *.eps format. All fonts must be converted to curves.

2.     Resolution: All files must be created at 300dpi resolution. Lower resolution could result in low image quality.

3.     Colour Mode: For better colour reproduction, please provide your artwork/image in CMYK colour mode (Cyan,Magenta, 
Yellow, & blacK) since our printers print in CMYK colour mode. All black and white graphics must be provided in grayscale.

For Optimum colour output please observe the following rules:

o    For Solid Black Colour
If you are using a rich black in a backgrounds & large areas, do NOT use 100K and expect to get rich black, you will get a grayish black. Instead, use: 40C / 30M / 0Y / 100K. Exception to this rule is type: for written type, use ONLY100K, 0C 0M 0Y.

o    For Blue
Do NOT use too much magenta or you may receive a purple colour. Use: 100C 60M and to make it darker ADD 40K.

o    For Purple
Do NOT use too much cyan or you may receive a blue colour. Even if your print came out purple before it may become blue next time. Use: 60C 100M and to make it darker ADD black to a MAXIMUM of 40K.


1. Pick up from our Woodbridge location.

2. Rush and Same day delivery in the GTA (To take advantage of this fast delivery service please pay for next day delivery in our order system and call to complete payment for the additional rush shipping.

3. Next-day delivery $11 within GTA (including Toronto, Vaughan, Brampton, Mississauga, etc.); For areas surrounding GTA (Barrie, Cobourg, Hamilton, Oakville, London, etc.) starts from $11; and to other parts of Ontario (Windsor, Peterborough, Sudbury, parts of Quebec, etc.) starts from $11. For other provinces, it starts from $15.

4. We ship within & outside of Canada

5. Order your own shipping company to pickup.


How to Order from our store  using product calculator:
Product: Choose size and quantity
Binding & Finishing: Choose binding and finishing options
Design: Let us know if you require design done for you, otherwise choose no.
Special instruction: Please advise if there is anything or feature you need on your product  
Turnaround: You choose when your product will be ready for pickup. Please note a small premium applies for faster delivery
Create your design online:
Click this button if you wish to create your own professional custom design and submit for printing. This feature saves you money on graphic design as it is free to use. Choose a template size and start designing. When you need help, click on the question mark within the design software for help. Note, you must register before designing or your design work will not be save nor submitted for printing
Upload your file for printing:
If you have a design to submit for printing, upload it to us here. If you have more than 1 file to submit e.g. front and back separate files, please zip the file before submitting for printing.
After uploading a file, click on the “Add to Cart” button. Then click on the shopping cart just above the page immediately below the top navigation buttons by the green success icon to checkout. Click on continue shopping to order more products.
Let us design for you:
Our graphic design team will be happy to create artwork for you. Just fill out the short form that enable our designers understand your business.  Upload an image or scan copy if any to further help us understand what you need from the designer.
This direction helps us do the job right the first time.  In any design project your input is important hence we email you a proof for your approval or correction. The number of times the proof is sent to you for revision is a reflection of time spent on the project. The cost of creating your artwork is directly related to the time spent on the project. To save on time, we advise that you spend some time to go through the proof and list the changes you like see in a clear and easy to understand manner.
Once a proof is approved, TD Print does not accept responsibility for any error found afterward.  It is very important you read through your design and correct any typo and others in the artwork before approving for print.
Request a quote:
Please click on request a quote to get pricing on other product quantities, custom sizes or others pricing not display online.
Desire quantity not in the calculator:
When you need to create your own design but can’t find the design quantity in the calculator, you can still order by choosing the nearest quantity to the quantity you want and then contact us letting us know the product and actual quantity. We will then advise you to pay the difference by credit card over the phone or by email money transfer.
Alternatively you can upload your file here below and use the description area to advise us of the qty and other info we need to know including your telephone number. We will contact you with payment options.



Standard Size (inches)
Paper/Card stock Type
* Quantity
* Graphic Design
* Turnaround-print
Special Instructions:

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Create Your Design Online    Design your product online from scratch. Upload your File for Printing 
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